Kangen WaterTM
Change your water, Change your life
Dr. Carpenter


Water is so simple and so basic that it is easy to overlook when you consider the factors that determine health or illness. Yet it is often the simplest factors that can make the biggest differences. Water is the very foundation for life. It makes up about 75% of your body. Water cannot be overlooked if you intend to experience vibrant health.

Water is the basis for all your body fluids-including blood, lymph, and digestive fluids. It is critical for the transportation and absorption of nutrients as well as for the elimination of waste. Water also regulates body temperature, it lubricates joints, it
cushions organs, and it moistens tissues. These are the most obvious functions of water. But water is critical at many other levels. It is involved in the transmission of signals throughout your body. When the amount or the quality of the water you drink is compromised, signals can become distorted or short circuited. Water also supports the helical spiral of the DNA. Research indicates that the way water molecules are organized around DNA is an indication of aging and disease.1 Water is the largest single source of energy in the human body. Its movement, into and out of cells, produces a significant amount of energy-that's why one of the first symptoms of dehydration is often fatigue.


Most people think dehydration is something that would happen if they got lost in the desert and had to go without water for several days. The truth is that chronic (ongoing) dehydration is widespread. Most Americans are in a state of dehydration without even knowing it. Unlike a camel, the human body has no way to store water. Dehydration results when you don't replace all the water that is lost during each day's activities. Chronic dehydration results when small amounts of water are not replaced day after day. And to make matters worse, many Americans drink beverages containing caffeine or alcohol. These substances cause a net loss, rather than a gain of water in your body. Those who regularly drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages are literally "drinking themselves dry".

According to the Mayo Clinic, the average adult loses more than 10 cups of water every day, simply by breathing, perspiring, and eliminating waste.2 When water is lacking, numerous functions begin to be curtailed. Headaches, constipation, brain fog, afternoon fatigue, and many other ailments are the result of too little water. By the time any of these common symptoms arises, dehydration has already progressed to the point where water is being rationed in your body. Long-term water rationing leads to premature aging and disease.3

Water rationing allows the body to provide water for crucial, life-sustaining functions while the functions that are not as crucial are literally put on "hold". Cells function best with a certain amount of water. When cellular water is reduced during water rationing,   Each cell is required to limp along with less than the optimal amount of water. This results in symptoms that are sometimes mistaken for illness. Asthma, arthritis, blood disorders, digestive disorders (including heartburn), and many chronic pains are often an indication of chronic dehydration and water rationing.

Every function in the human body requires water! Dehydration affects them all. Some of the more common symptoms of dehydration are outlined below:

Common Symptoms of Dehydration

Fatigue - Dehydration causes enzymatic activity to slow down.

Constipation - During dehydration, the colon removes more water than
normal in order to provide it for other parts of the body.

Digestive disorders - Dehydration reduces the secretion of digestive juices.
This can be the root of heartburn, gastritis, and ulcers.

High blood pressure - The body's blood volume is mostly water.
Dehydration results in thicker blood which is more difficult to pump.

Cholesterol - Dehydration results in cellular water loss. The body produces
more cholesterol in an attempt to "seal off" water loss.

Respiratory troubles - A large amount of water is lost during breathing.
Dehydration results in restricted airways in an attempt to reduce water loss.

Acid-alkaline imbalance - Dehydration significantly reduces the body's
ability to remove acidic wastes.

Weight gain - Thirst is often confused with hunger. When food is consumed
at the expense of water, weight gain can be the result.

Skin disorders - The skin is the body's largest detoxification pathway. Lack
of water restricts the movement of toxins through the skin and also results in
premature wrinkling.

Liver, kidney, bladder problems - The liver, kidneys, and bladder all require
copious amounts of water for detoxification. Dehydration increases the
concentration of the toxins these organs must eliminate.

Joint problems - Cartilage is mainly water. Dehydration increases abrasive
damage and delays repair.

Premature aging - The body of a newborn child is over 90 % water. The
amount of water declines with age.

Life in a fish bowl

Think of your environment as a fish bowl. If the water is not changed or filtered regularly, wastes build up and can eventually extinguish the life within. One of the first functions that is put on "hold" when water is lacking is detoxification-the ongoing removal of cellular waste and environmental toxins.

All the detoxification pathways in the body (liver-colon, kidney-bladder, skin-sweat, lung-breath, and lymphatic system) require water. When water is not supplied in abundance, wastes build up in the fluid that surrounds each cell and all the detoxification pathways become sluggish. However, the body is ingenious. It always adapts. Under the stress of dehydration your body will find places to store toxins where they will not immediately interfere with critical life processes. Toxins and wastes can end up in fatty tissue, in joints, and as deposits in arteries. In the short term, life is preserved, but the long term consequences are obvious. Drinking plenty of good water every day is like changing the water in your fish bowl. And as long as you need to drink water, you might as well get the best water possible. For a variety of reasons, ionized water is being recognized by professionals as the best choice.


In 1994 I went to Japan with a group of doctors to study acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. During the course of our study, we spent time in several hospitals. That's where I received my introduction to ionized water. I witnessed a man being treated for gangrene. The majority of his treatment was soaking his feet and lower legs for 30 minutes, three times a day in ionized water. He was also drinking about six quarts of alkaline, ionized water. In just three days, I watched what I considered to be a near miracle. His wounds went from foul-smelling, gangrenous sores to pink tissues that were well on their way to being healed. Japanese doctors in the hospitals we visited were also routinely using ionized water to heal diabetic ulcers, bed sores, psoriasis, and eczema. Not only were patients applying the water externally, they were drinking it for these and other conditions: arthritis, diabetes, gastritis, and blood disorders. The oriental community is well aware of these kinds of benefits which have been highlighted in several public media video documentaries now available on the internet .Ionized water (also referred to as electrolyzed water) is water that has been exposed to an electric current which separates the charged particles. During ionization, positively-charged ions are drawn to the negative electrode. Negatively-charged ions are drawn to
the positive electrode. Ions with a positive charge like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium raise the pH and produce alkaline water. Negative ions including phosphorous, chlorine, and sulfur lower the pH and produce acidic water. As I learned in Japan, both types of water are beneficial when used in specific ways.

But ionization transforms the resulting water in ways that go beyond the separation of ions. There are three main changes that occur to water during the ionization process. These changes can be responsible for many health benefits when you use the water.

Three main changes to ionized water

1. pH
2. Oxidation/reduction potential (ORP)
3. Molecular structure


The term, "pH" refers to the "potential of hydrogen" which is a measure of the hydrogen ion (H+) concentration and also a measure of acidity or alkalinity. The pH scale ranges from 0 on the acidic side to 14 on the alkaline side. A solution is neutral if the pH is 7. The pH scale is logarithmic, so a change of one pH unit indicates a tenfold shift in the concentration of hydrogen ions. For example: a pH of 6 is ten times more acidic than a pH of 7, and it is 100 times more acidic than a pH of 8. You can see how a slight shift in pH can be quite significant.

In the human body, pH is critical-especially in your blood. The pH range that is considered to be normal for blood is between 7.30 and 7.45. Blood pH is a direct indicator of how much oxygen is available for your cells. Blood at a pH of 7.45 contains 65% more excess oxygen than blood at a pH of 7.3.4 Lack of oxygen and the resulting metabolic acidosis is a component of just about every disease we know. Nobel prize-winning research in the 1930s and 1940s by Dr. Otto Warburg revealed that cancer could not live in an oxygen-rich environment. His research provided evidence that oxygen-starved cells switch to another mechanism for producing energy-one that does not require oxygen and one that is capable of surviving in an acidic environment.5 Since his original research, most disease has been linked with the lack of oxygen and the build-up of acidic wastes.

Blood with a pH of 7.3 is also thicker than blood with a more alkaline pH. Acid is partially responsible for blood clotting. A lower blood pH means thicker blood that is more difficult to pump. Both dehydration6 and low blood pH are now linked with high blood pressure. In today's world, most people's bodies and blood are more acidic than they should be. This is the result of poor diet (heavy in sugar, soft drinks, excessive protein, and refined carbohydrates), dehydration, stress, and environmental pollutants. Each of these contributes to acidosis-and unfortunately also to disease and premature aging. Besides the consequences mentioned above, acidosis reduces your body's ability to absorb minerals and nutrients. It reduces energy production and slows cellular regeneration. Acidosis is responsible for hardening of the arteries and it makes you more susceptible to fatigue and illness. In an overly acidic body, maintaining normal blood pH is difficult;sometimes your body has no choice but to pull alkaline minerals from organs and tissues-including bones and teeth.

When water is ionized, alkaline minerals (with a positive charge) are attracted to the negative charge on the hydroxyl ion (OH-) and are concentrated on one side of the ionization chamber producing what is referred to as alkaline water. Alkaline water has a pH that is between 10 and 1000 times more alkaline than the starting water, depending on the minerals in the original water and on the pH setting you choose. Drinking the alkaline portion of ionized water provides an abundance of alkaline minerals which help to neutralize acidic wastes in your body.

Alkaline water also contains more oxygen. At a pH of 7, water has an equal concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxyl (OH-) ions. But as the pH increases, so does the predominance of negative (OH-) ions. When you drink alkaline water, you are drinking water with more oxygen-not in the form of O2, but in the form of OH- which is stabilized because of its combination with an alkaline mineral. Once inside your body, two hydroxyl ions can form a water molecule (H2O) and give off an oxygen atom. In this way, the alkaline mineral is used to neutralize acids and the hydroxyl ion is freed to supply oxygen to your cells.

One of the most common questions people ask about drinking alkaline water is: Does it neutralize the acid in my stomach? This question has a simple answer. In essence, the cells in your stomach wall produce hydrochloric acid (HCl) on an as-needed basis. When you eat or drink, the pH inside your stomach becomes more alkaline. The increase in pH, along with the fact that your stomach has been stretched, stimulates the secretion of HCl to bring your stomach pH back to a normal range for digestion. When you drink alkaline water, more HCl is secreted to maintain the stomach pH value. The interesting thing is
that the by-products of the reaction are bicarbonates-the alkaline buffers required to balance the pH of your blood. The reaction uses carbon dioxide, water and salt (as sodium chloride or potassium chloride) and the outcome is HCl in the stomach and sodium bicarbonate which enters the blood stream. 7 As we age, we lose bicarbonate buffers in our blood-a function of increasing acidity.8 Anything you can do to support the buffering capacity of your blood will help you to
neutralize acid and slow the symptoms of disease and aging.

When it comes to pH, the person who drinks alkaline water benefits in many ways:

1. Alkaline water provides an abundance of alkaline minerals that are required to neutralize acidic wastes in the tissues and in the blood. Having an abundance of alkaline minerals spares their removal from organs, bones, and teeth.
2. Alkaline water is capable of carrying more oxygen in the form of OH-.
3.Drinking alkaline water (especially 20 minutes before a meal) stimulates the production of HCl which aids digestion and the assimilation of nutrients. Most North Americans over the age of 40 don't produce enough HCl in their stomachs for optimal digestion.
4. The production of HCl releases bicarbonates which are sent to the bloodstream. These are used to balance (buffer) the pH of the blood and other body fluids.

The second change that takes place in water during ionization is in the oxidation/reduction potential (ORP). ORP is a measurement of the strength of the oxidizing or reducing power of a solution. Oxidation and reduction reactions involve an exchange of electrons. A negative ORP measurement indicates a surplus of electrons- the more negative the number is, the greater the number of surplus electrons. A positive ORP measurement indicates instability. A solution with a positive ORP is "hungry" for electrons.

We see examples of oxidation and reduction all the time. Oxidation is responsible for the breakdown of a substance. Rusting iron and a slice of apple turning brown are both examples of slow oxidation reactions. Fire is an example of rapid oxidation. Oxidation occurs when unstable molecules that are lacking electrons "strip" electrons from other molecules. This begins a chain reaction (one molecule stripping an electron from another molecule which then takes one from another and another) until the substance rusts, turns brown, burns up, or is completely broken down.

Oxidation reactions also take place inside your body. They are a necessary function of the immune system which uses the oxidation reaction to strip electrons from bacteria and other invaders in order to halt the growth of infection inside your body. The opposite reaction, (reduction) occurs when the bacteria have been destroyed. Antioxidants are sent in to donate electrons and stop the destructive chain reaction. But if you have insufficient antioxidants in the form of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, oxidation continues, destroying good tissue. The destruction of good tissue is known as free radical damage.
Most people know that antioxidants stop free radical damage.

The essential function of an antioxidant is to supply electrons to electron-deficient free radicals so they no longer strip electrons from vital cells. The best antioxidants are the ones that are the most bio-available and the ones with the greatest electron donating capacity. Thousands of dollars are spent each year to purchase antioxidants for the purpose of stopping free radical damage because free radical damage is linked with inflammation, disease, pain, and aging. In fact, one well-known theory postulates that free radicals are the cause of aging. Having an ample supply of antioxidants is crucial for optimal health and graceful aging.

Besides being a measure of electron activity, ORP is a measure of the antioxidant capacity of a solution. Since negative ORP values indicate an abundance of available electrons, any solution with a negative ORP is an antioxidant. A solution with a very
negative ORP is an excellent antioxidant.

To put things in perspective, most bottled water has an ORP between +150 and +300mili-volts (mV). Tap water can have an ORP value as high as +500. Most water is literally free radicals in a bottle. On the other hand, freshly juiced orange juice has an ORP between -200 and -100. Its antioxidant capacity is obvious. However, once the juice is exposed to the air it will oxidize or lose its antioxidant power. Most processed orange juice has an ORP of about +200mV-no longer an antioxidant but rather a contributor of free radicals in your body. One reason why vitamin C (an antioxidant) is added to fruit juice is because the vitamin C donates its electrons and keeps the juice from turning brown (oxidizing).

During ionization, alkaline water gains an excess number of electrons. It becomes extremely potent antioxidant water. Kangen WaterTM has an ORP between -300 and 800-depending on the original water. In other words, a glass of Kangen WaterTM has a greater antioxidant capacity than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Drinking alkaline, antioxidant water on a regular basis can help to reduce inflammation, pain, disease, and other symptoms of free radical damage. It is the easiest way to provide antioxidants-and all you have to do is drink water!

Another benefit of drinking water with a negative ORP occurs in the intestines. Numerous digestive problems are due to a disturbance in the balance of microorganisms that inhabit the digestive tract. Many of these problems can be resolved by replenishing and supporting the beneficial microorganisms that reside there. Bacterial microorganisms are known to flourish at different oxidation-reduction potentials (ORP). The "friendly" bacteria in the intestines are over 95% anaerobic. They require negative ORP values to flourish. Drinking water and consuming foods with a negative ORP value supports the growth of the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and helps establish ongoing microbial balance.9 Perhaps this is one reason that many digestive problems resolve when people begin to drink Kangen WaterTM.

And what about the acidic water? While the alkaline portion of the water gains electrons, the acidic portion loses electrons. This creates a solution with a highly positive ORP measurement. It literally becomes free radical water-much more so than tap water. Remember the function of free radicals in your body? They strip electrons from other molecules and they are capable of destroying bacteria, fungus, and viral pathogens extremely rapidly. Strong acidic water is a proven anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and antifungal for use on skin, foods, plants, countertops, etc. It has been used as a disinfectant in many hospitals and restaurants for many years.10 It was the strong acidic water that I witnessed in Japan being used to kill bacteria in gangrenous tissue. The strong alkaline water was then used to reduce inflammation caused by free radical damage.

Besides being a great antibacterial wash (one of the best there is because it contains no toxic substances or antibiotics), strong acidic water is great to have around the kitchen. It works well to disinfect countertops and cutting boards. It is also a wonderful aid to cleaning. The natural acidity of the water helps to remove hard water deposits on glass and other surfaces. Molecular structure The last of the three main changes that occur to water during ionization is in molecular structure. This refers to the way the molecules are organized. The molecular structure has a powerful effect on water's ability to hydrate your cells and to carry energy throughout your body.

Water is what chemists call a "polar" molecule. It has a positively-charged side and a negatively-charged side because of the way the electrons are arranged around each atom. This means that when water is placed in an electric field, the molecules must organize themselves in a very specific manner to stay balanced within the electric field. Water molecules assume a crystal-like, hexagonal geometry that can literally change the properties of the water.11 Although the organization (structure) of the molecules begins to dissipate when the water is removed from the electric field, a certain amount of structure
lingers. Crystalline structure enhances the water's ability to hydrate cells, to transport nutrients, to removes wastes, to support metabolic processes and to improve cellular communication.12 In 1986, a new theory referred to as the molecular water environment theory was proposed at a symposium on cancer. The theory stated that replenishing the crystalline (hexagonally-structured) water in the human body could increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease.13 The theory was based on research that revealed the following:14

1. a greater degree of structure in the water of an infant's body than in the water of an adult's body
2. a greater degree of structure in the water surrounding healthy DNA than cancerous DNA
3. a greater degree of structure in the water surrounding the proteins of healthy tissue than in the water surrounding the proteins of cancerous tissue.
4. the ability of structured water to improve bowel transit time and constipation in a clinical trial
5. the ability of structured water to slow the growth of cultured cancer cells

One of the first questions people ask about the molecular structure of water is: How can a substance that is liquid have "structure"? The best way to explain this is by introducing the term, "coherence."

In quantum physics, the term "coherence" is defined as a "fixed phase relationship"between waves or particles. For water to be coherent, molecules must move together, turning and spinning as if they were all connected-like a sheet that blows in the wind. In a coherent system, things tend to stay organized for longer periods of time. In fact,quantum physicists are beginning to consider new ways of looking at life itself-in terms of coherence and organization. According to quantum theory, the difference between life and death is not so much in chemistry as it is in organization and structure.15 This has huge implications when you consider that the structure of the water in your body can be correlated with sickness and aging.

Liquid crystals are special phases of matter with orientational order. Unlike solid crystals, they are flexible and responsive.16 Computer display screens are liquid crystals. Many components of the human body are now considered to be liquid crystals, including collagen and cell membranes.17

In many ways, water and crystalline quartz are similar. Quartz crystals are used in the computer industry because they vibrate under pressure at a very precise frequency. This property allows them to carry signals with speed and precision like no other material. The molecular geometry of structured water is very similar to the molecular geometry of crystalline quartz-based on the same pattern.18 This may be the reason that structured water is thought to carry signals more efficiently throughout living tissue. Many suspect that structured water may be the key to DNA signaling, enzyme activity, and to many other functions. Structured water has been shown to hydrate more effectively.19

Finding a good source of ionized water

One of the first things I did when I returned from Japan was to purchase an ionizer. Over 12 years ago that was easier said than done. The technology was practically unheard of in this country and I searched for quite some time before I found a Chinese manufacturer that was selling an ionizer in the U.S. I purchased a unit, took it to my clinic and offered the water to my patients and staff. I was excited to have them experience some of the benefits I had seen in Japan. But to my disappointment, no one was as excited about the water as I was. My patients who drank the water didn't notice any real health benefits- and neither did I. On top of that, after about 30 days the machine quit working.

Even though I was disappointed, I knew what was possible with ionized water. I got on the internet to find a better product and I found out that most ionizers-though they carried many different names-were all made by one or two different manufacturers in the Orient. Over the course of the next 10 years, I bought and used seven of the best ionizers I could find. Each time I was hopeful; each time I offered the water to my patients; and each time we were all disappointed. Beyond very minimal health benefits, none of us ever noticed anything dramatic like what I remembered in Japan.

I was still searching when I learned about Kangen WaterTM and an ionizer made by a different manufacturer, Enagic. Because of my research, I knew what to look for. The new ionizer had all the makings of a quality unit. This time I was not disappointed. From the beginning, I noticed differences, not just in the water and in the way I felt, but in the machine itself-differences that have stood the test of time. (The appendix highlights the differences between Enagic's Leveluk SD501 ionizer and several other widely sold products on the market)

Each time I had purchased a new ionizer, I made the water available to my patients. Many had tried the water but few (if any) had continued to drink it. However, shortly after I made Kangen WaterTM available at my clinic, it began to fly out the door. And this time, my patients came back for more ...and more. (Today, between 300 and 500 gallons of Kangen WaterTM go out my clinic every day.) Stories began to flood the office of more energy, softer skin, fewer aches and pains, greater mobility, etc. I knew I had finally found the real thing! No wonder people refuse to let the industry say that Kangen WaterTM is just ionized water. It is in a class all its own.


In Japanese, the word "Kangen" means "return to origin". If ever there were a kind of water that came close to that promise, it is Kangen WaterTM. It may be the nearest thing we ever find to the proverbial fountain of youth. My personal experience and the experiences of my patients bear this out. Kangen WaterTM is restorative water. It supports every other modality I use in my practice to help my patients return to their "original health.


One of the first things most people notice when they begin to drink Kangen WaterTM is an improvement in their energy. When the day is done-they're not. You can imagine what a change that is for most people. The difference in the amount of energy people have is a direct reflection of the water's organizational structure. When you improve the efficiency of the foundational substance in your body, you are bound to have more energy- especially when that substance is a factor in every function in your body-even more when that substance is responsible for the greater part of your energy in the first place.

You are also bound to have more energy when you get a restful night's sleep. That's another thing that many people notice. With a little more energy and a good night's sleep, the typical stresses we address every day are not quite so overwhelming. And when there's a little energy left at the end of the day, there can be time for fun and family.


In our modern world, nearly every person carries a chemical burden made of environmental toxins. As the earth becomes more polluted, our bodies inadvertently become a filter for those toxins. Many scientists believe environmental toxins are responsible for an entirely new group of disorders that include autoimmune diseases, mood disorders, multiple chemical sensitivities, and a whole list of "syndromes." These conditions result when the body's detoxification pathways become overburdened. Many people have regained their health simply by reducing the toxic burden.

Detoxification is the body's natural way of removing or neutralizing toxins. However, without sufficient energy, nutritional resources, and adequate water, toxins end up being tucked away where they are least likely to affect critical bodily functions. Nothing supports the body's cleansing and elimination like good water. Water hydrates the blood and the lymph so that toxins can move rapidly through the detoxification pathways. Water is also a major factor in the enzymatic processes that break down toxic compounds. And water is obviously important during the final stage of elimination, lubricating the intestines and providing the basis of urine. When you improve the quality and the efficiency of the water you drink, detoxification pathways function more effectively and toxins can be eliminated on a timely basis.

Your body is always getting rid of toxins. As long as there are not too many of them and as long as there are adequate resources to accomplish the task, everything goes fine-you hardly know the process is taking place. The only time you experience difficulty is when your body is overburdened or when the mechanisms aren't working like they should.

When given the chance, the body, in its wisdom, seizes the opportunity and begins to clear out toxins. Occasionally, people experience "cleansing symptoms". The body uses the same mechanisms to remove stored toxins that it uses to remove bacteria and viral infections, so cleansing symptoms can sometimes be similar to having a mild cold or the flu. Cleansing symptoms may include headache, fatigue, skin eruptions, coughing, loose bowels, etc. If you experience any of these symptoms, drink more Kangen WaterTM to support your body as it flushes the toxins and wastes from your system. (see when and how much to drink)

A quicker "return to origin" from drinking this water. Another thing I have noticed in my practice is that when my patients drink Kangen WaterTM along with the other things I recommend for their particular health circumstances, they make progress much quicker. It's almost as though they accomplish six months of healing in just six weeks. Their "return to origin"al health is much more rapid.

The longer I work with Kangen WaterTM, the more convinced I am that it will support the resolution of most health difficulties. However, there are certain types of health problems that seem to respond more quickly than others. Conditions that respond easily are those that have been specifically linked with dehydration and/or acidosis. These include: blood sugar problems, asthma and allergies, high blood pressure, skin problems, digestive and intestinal disorders, arthritis and other joint problems. These conditions often respond so rapidly that it surprises me.

When and how much to drink

Everyone should drink half their body weight in ounces of Kangen WaterTM every day. In other words, if you weigh 150 pounds, you will want to drink 75 ounces (just over half a gallon) of Kangen WaterTM every day. If you are involved in physically demanding work, if you exercise strenuously, or if you have health issues, you need to drink a lot more Kangen WaterTM. I have found that for those with serious health challenges or for those who have hit a plateau in their healing process, drinking 1 ounce of Kangan WaterTM per pound of body weight per day is where the miracles happen.

Perhaps the very best time to drink Kangen WaterTM (or any water) is right when you wake up. After 6-8 hours of rest, your body needs water. Water, first thing in the morning will hydrate all your digestive and eliminative organs before you eat breakfast and if you drink a glass of Kangen WaterTM right when you get up, the water will have moved out of your stomach before you eat. Drinking alkaline water 15 to 20 minutes before a meal supports the production of hydrochloric acid for better assimilation of nutrients. It also provides the water necessary for digestion and the alkaline minerals to buffer the acidic
waste products that are sent to your blood. It is best not to drink water with a meal, but if you must, then drink water with a neutral pH. Alkaline water will neutralize the acids required for digestion. Even neutral water will do this to a certain extent-this is why drinking with meals is not recommended. Wait at least an hour following each meal to allow food to leave your stomach before you drink more water.

Another time to remember to drink Kangen WaterTM is when/if you drink alcoholic beverages or soft drinks. These drinks are so acidic that it takes a great deal of alkaline water (32 glasses at a pH of 10 for every soft drink) to balance the acid.20 For many
years alkaline water has been known as the "hangover cure" in Japan. When alkaline water is consumed following alcoholic beverages, alkalinity neutralizes excess acids while electrons neutralize free radicals. Any potential hangover is either reduced or completely eliminated. One way to include alkaline water with other beverages is to make ice cubes out of Kangen WaterTM.

Other than the above recommendations, drink water throughout the day. It is a good idea to have a glass of water at your desk or wherever you spend your time. This will remind you to keep drinking KangenTM Water during the day

Choosing the proper pH for you

Enagic ionizers produce water with seven different pH levels as outlined below:

  • Strong Acidic Water - pH 2.5 (not for drinking)


  • Beauty Water - pH 4.5 to 5.5 (not for drinking)
  • Clean Water - water that has been filtered but has not gone through the
  • electrolysis process. Generally, this will have a more neutral pH.


  • Drinking water - pH 8.5
  • Drinking water - pH 9.0


  • Drinking water - pH 9.5
  • Strong Alkaline Water - pH 11 and up (not for drinking)

I recommend that everyone begin by drinking water with a pH of 8.5. Drink to of your body weight in ounces of this water for two weeks. At this point, if you are not experiencing any cleansing symptoms (headaches, skin eruptions, loose bowels, coughing, fatigue, etc.), you can begin to drink water with a pH of 9.0.

After two more weeks at the 9.0 pH level, you can begin to drink water with a pH of 9.5-but only if you are not experiencing any cleansing symptoms. If you experience symptoms of cleansing, return to the previous pH level and increase the amount of water you drink to flush the toxins. Remember, there is no rush to get to the 9.5 pH level and you will not receive a prize for getting to this level more quickly than someone else!

Using Strong Acidic Water

Strong Acidic Water has very potent anti-microbial properties. It has an oxidation/reduction potential (ORP) of greater than +1,100mV. Soaking or wrapping nail fungus, athlete's foot, and similar conditions in the Strong Acidic Water will speed the resolution of external microbial infections. Strong Acidic Water works as a mouthwash and as a gargle to kill bacteria in the mouth and throat that cause dental infections, sore throat, and cavities. (Rinse your mouth with neutral water when you are finished.) Strong Acidic Water is wonderful to use on minor cuts and scrapes to prevent infection. It will also help to stop bleeding and to control pain. One or two quarts of Strong acidic water can be added to bath water for a tonifying effect for the whole body.

Strong Acidic Water is widely used in some hospitals and restaurants to reduce the spread of infection. It is used to disinfect medical equipment, for cleaning, and as a hand wash. It may be used to kill bacteria on food as well as cutting boards and countertops. And don't forget to use Strong Acidic Water as a cleaning aid in the kitchen and around the house. I like to keep a bottle of this water in a spray bottle all the time. It is best stored in a dark bottle in the refrigerator.

How to use Beauty Water

Mildly acidic water is referred to as "Beauty Water" with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5. It is beneficial for the overall health and beauty of your skin and hair. It tightens, softens, and provides an environment for excellent for many common skin conditions including:

Athlete's foot
Nail fungus
Insect bites/stings
Rashes (also relief from the itching of measles and chicken pox)
Sun burn
Cold sores
Diaper rash
Dry skin
Minor cuts and scrapes

Beauty water can be used frequently as a spray or spritz throughout the day-the more frequent the better. When used instead of a conditioner after shampoo, it tightens your scalp and it reduces tangles and brings out a radiant shine to your hair.

Using Strong Alkaline Water

Strong Alkaline Water has an oxidation/reduction potential (ORP) of -700mV - 850mV. It stops free radicals in their tracks and can reduce inflammation rapidly. If you have arthritis or another inflammatory condition, soaking or wrapping with Strong Alkaline Water can be extremely helpful. I have seen this in my office on a number of occasions. I once wrapped a painful and severely inflamed knee with a hand towel soaked in Strong Alkaline Water. The woman's swollen knee which had been inflamed for over a month-and was nearly double the size of the other-returned to normal size in just two hours.

On a smaller but no less significant scale, Strong Alkaline Water can reduce the inflammation and redness of acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Where outbreaks are sore and irritated, I recommend a quick spray with the Strong Acidic Water to neutralize any bacteria that may be present. When that has completely dried, apply a cloth soaked in Strong Alkaline Water. Leave it on for 5-15 minutes; follow with Beauty Water. I have seen large pimples literally disappear within hours by dabbing them with Strong Alkaline

Water. Wrap sunburned areas in a cloth soaked in Strong Alkaline Water and leave for 15-20 minutes. Follow with Beauty water and let dry.

Strong Alkaline Water is also best kept in a dark bottle in the refrigerator.

Food preparation and cooking with Kangen WaterTM

Years of working with ionized water have taught the Japanese many ways to use both the acidic and the alkaline water. There are numerous benefits in the kitchen-beginning with the preparation of food. Soaking meat and vegetables in Strong Alkaline Water removes bitter tastes from vegetables and gamey flavors from meats and fish. Strong Alkaline Water will also draw out many pesticides and other chemicals from food. Soaking fruits and vegetables for 5-10 minutes in Strong Alkaline Water leaves the water cloudy and often discolored, depending on the amount and kind of chemicals in the food. And when it comes to cooking, alkaline water (pH 8.5 to 9.5), reduces cooking time by 25 to 30%. Steamed vegetables retain more of their natural flavor and color. When alkaline water is used to make coffee and teas, flavors are less bitter while retaining their
full taste.

Strong Acidic Water kills microbes on food and preparation surfaces within seconds. Use it as a spray for vegetables and fruits before soaking in Strong Alkaline Water. Some fruits and vegetables like cherries, plums, grapes, strawberries, red cabbage, eggplant, and asparagus contain vibrant colors. Washing in acidic water (either Beauty Water or Strong Acidic Water) will help them to retain their natural colors when cooked. These foods will look much more appetizing.

Laundry and cleaning with ionized water

When you own an Enagic ionizer you can virtually eliminate many toxic cleaners. The natural acidity in Strong Acidic Water and Beauty Water will remove hard water deposits and bring sparkle to kitchen/bathroom fixtures. For tough deposits, just let them sit overnight in the acidic water. When cleaning glass, acidic water is a near miracle. Just use it as you would use any other glass cleaner. Strong Alkaline water is a potent cleaning agent that can replace many detergents. It is a tremendous grease-cutting agent. Put one or two quarts of Strong Alkaline Water in the washing machine instead of detergent and you may be amazed at how clean and bright your laundry is. For those who are sensitive to detergents, this is the ultimate solution. Strong Alkaline water is also excellent for removing dirt and grime from hardwood floors.


Everyone has seen a fish bowl that needs cleaning. Slime builds up on the glass and wastes cloud the water. The longer you wait to clean the bowl, the more difficult the task becomes, and the greater the chances of losing the fish. In this analogy, the fish is you, and the cleanliness of the fish bowl is an indicator of your health. Ultimately, you are the only one who can take responsibility for keeping the fish bowl clean and for keeping the fish alive.

Water is the foundation of every health care program. Since you are 75% water, drinking the best water you can find is a big part of keeping your fish bowl clean. Drinking Kangen WaterTM is the easiest single thing you can do to support the environment in your fish bowl. It will help you take responsibility in a number of ways:

Kangen WaterTM is structured water. That means it will hydrate your body faster and more efficiently than any other water. This can provide more energy for every function in your body. You may notice softer skin, easier bowel movements, and more energy right away.

Structured, Kangen WaterTM will also aid in the efficient removal of toxins and wastes. It will almost be like you have installed a filtration system in your fish bowl so that detoxification can happen without having to work so hard at it. Many people notice cleansing reactions when they begin to drink KangenWaterTM as the detoxification pathways are able to move out stored wastes.

Kangen WaterTM has an excess number of electrons that can neutralize the free radicals responsible for pain, inflammation, and many symptoms. Since free radicals are a big part of every disease and a known part of the aging process, drinking Kangen WaterTM can keep you swimming a lot longer. But even better. you'll feel like swimming!

Kangen WaterTM has an alkaline pH which can help keep your body chemistry in balance and keep your tissues from hardening due to acidosis. Naturally ionized Nature ionizes water as it bounces off rocks and tumbles down mountainsides. Water naturally picks up electrons from the earth which is our greatest source of free electrons.The abundance of negative ions discharged into the air by a waterfall-or anywhere water is continually moving-is the reason people feel so good in these places. It is the extra electrons that have a powerful effect on mood, health, and well-being.21 It's too bad more of us don't live by a waterfall. But, having an Enagic ionizer is the next best thing. It purifies the water in your own home and turns your kitchen faucet into a negative ion generator. Beyond that, it provides a way to flush acidic wastes from your body, to neutralize free radicals, and to structure water for superior hydration, enhanced nutrient absorption, more effective detoxification, increased metabolic efficiency, and improved cellular communication. It literally turns your faucet into a fountain of youth.



I retired from body building about four years ago and had no intentions of getting back into competition until I was introduced to Kangen Water. I was invited to a presentation in Vancouver and I had the chance to taste the water for the first time. I can honestly say that with the first glass of water, I said to myself, "Whoa, there is something very different with this water." As an athlete, I knew my body very well and I knew that there was something at the cellular level going on. I felt something very different over the next few hours. I actually, went back to the presentation three times so I could get more of the
water and so that I could really understand how this particular technology was different. (I had been exposed to other water ionizers and frankly I hadn't been impressed.)

When I woke up on the morning of the third day and looked in the mirror, I couldn't believe what I saw. I was starting to lose body fat at a rate that was shocking. After 4-5 days on the water I felt like I could literally run through the walls of the gym. The water was so powerful that I decided to do something really radical. I decided to enter in the National Body Building Championships which were to be held in Vancouver in just over two weeks time. I prepared for an event that would normally require over a year of preparation and 6-8 months of careful dieting-and I took two titles-my own class and the Junior
Masters title which qualified me to enter the Natural Mr. Olympia event in Greece. Because of the water, my physique was transformed, my life was transformed and I am now back into competition again. At this point, I've had about 10-12 weeks of hard training and the results have absolutely dumbfounded me. My recovery is through the roof; I've increased my training to two and a half times the volume at my peak four years ago; my muscle soreness in practically non-existent; my max VO2 which is maximum oxygen uptake has jumped over 4 points; my body fat continues to drop; and I am noticing a stronger effect from all my nutritional supplements. I'm really surprised that this has not gotten into the sporting world yet. Any athlete that is not training on this water is shortchanging their results in my opinion.

After finishing 5th in the world with only a few months preparation, I really believe that Kangen Water is going to be the next great thing in athletic performance and I have just completed a report titled, "Why Every Athlete Needs To Know About Kangen Water" available at www.wadebodysystems.com or www.WadeLightheart.com.
Wade Lightheart CSNA
Formerly Known as Wade McNutt
International Athletic Trainer, author and
3 Time Canadian Natural Body Building Champion

I purchased an Enagic machine in hopes of helping my daughter who has ADHD. The results with her have been remarkable and miraculous. However, I've experienced a "bonus" that I feel is truly amazing.

I had been told I needed a hysterectomy due to painful endometriosis for over six years. I was in the habit of taking a bottle and a half of extra strength over-the-counter medication in addition to prescription pain killers every month. I also had to schedule two days every month as literally home-bound-unable to go out due to the pain at the beginning of my cycle. Ever since I started drinking Kangen Water, I have not had any pain at all, and I have not taken ONE SINGLE PILL. I will not be having a hysterectomy after all which I am absolutely thrilled about!

I also gave up a three-pot-a-day coffee habit without even a headache. My husband and I both lost weight without making any other dietary changes. We have more energy than we've ever had and have even joined a gym and are working out. Kangen Water has changed all of our lives! Jodi Payne,Alabama

When my wife and I first heard about Kangen Water we were very skeptical. We have always tried to take care of our bodies and had tried many approaches to relieve aches and pains and improve our health. Water seemed just too simple. However, we were convinced within a short period of time. Genevieve was used to waking up in a "brain fog" that would keep her in a daze for several hours every morning. Within a few days she was waking up with more energy than she could remember and she felt more rested. For more than six months Genevieve's knee had been bothering her after a fall, but within days she could sleep thru the night and was pain-free during the day. This allowed her to use some of the new-found energy to take walks and to start to exercise. I had a list of ailments the length of a grocery list. I had a multitude of back, shoulder, and knee pains from years of abuse playing football. It was almost impossible to find a comfortable position while sitting or driving. Both hips ached and neck pain was severe, limiting my ability to turn my head without stiffness and pain. I had been diagnosed with
anklyosing spondilits and had constant pain in the thoracic area. Within a matter of days after I started to drink Kangen Water, all pain began to diminish and in less than 6 weeks I was literally pain free. Not only was I pain free, but strength to my limbs returned and I was able to do things that I had not been able to do for over 35 years.

Remarkably, the skin cancer that had been on my arms also began to disappear and in 3 months was completely gone. Angry lesions were no longer present and my skin was soft and smooth.

I had been bald for over 30 years and suddenly hair began to appear. Now I have a strong head of hair where nothing at all was visible and it continues to get thicker and darker.

The SD501 is a miraculous piece of equipment and the water it produces is truly amazing. I have discovered the Fountain of Youth and it is right at my kitchen sink. Fred & Genevieve Brown,Nevada

Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with type I diabetes and was doing everything I knew to control my blood sugar. I also had had periodontal disease for about two years. Within 24 hours after drinking the Kangen Water, I noticed that I had more saliva in my mouth. (Dry mouth is quite common for diabetics.) After two months, I visited the dentist and was told that my periodontal disease had cleared up. Within four more months, I had been able to decrease my insulin by 68%. I am now able to do things that I had almost given up hope of ever doing again. The water is fantastic. Carrie Diggs,California

Several years ago, as I was approaching the age of 50, I realized that I had to make some lifestyle changes. I didn't want to end up like many of my friends who were on medications for various health problems. As a result, I lost about 25 lbs., but no matter what I did, I couldn't seem to lose any more weight. Several years later, at a time when I felt it was even more important to take care of my health, I learned of Kangen Water. Within the first few days after I began to drink this water I experienced a cleansing and some detoxification symptoms followed by an obvious increase in energy. Within 2 weeks I noticed that I was requiring less sleep at night (a decrease from 9 hours down to 7 hours) and I didn't need a nap in the middle of the day. The biggest difference came after a couple months of drinking 9.5 pH Kangen Water. I began to quickly lose weight and inches. When the "shrinking" finally subsided, I discovered that I had lost about 32 lbs. in 3 months...and had gone from a size 12 to a size 6. The only change I made was that I stopped drinking bottled water and was drinking Kangen Water, so I attribute all these positive results to this amazing water! Mita del Fierro,California

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease over 7 years ago. During the past seven years I experienced pain after eating, diarrhea, weight loss, symptoms of malnutrition, blurry eyesight, memory loss, swollen joints, skin conditions, anemia, compromised immune system, and other symptoms. I was forced to restrict my diet to bland, fiberless foods and on most days eating wasn't enjoyable because of the pain that resulted. I consulted many different doctors; I tried various drugs to curb the symptoms; I read every book I could find on digestive disorders; I tried every diet; I ordered a dozen products from the internet; I tried every alternative therapy I ran into; and I spent a small fortune on supplements. Nothing really worked and I ended up having an emergency bowel resection in June of 2006. After a miserable week in the hospital and a slow recovery I thought things would improve-they didn't.

In June of 2007 a friend told me about Dr. Carpenter and Kangen Water. I decided to give the water a try. I started by diluting the 8.5 pH water with spring water for the first two weeks and slowly worked my way up to the 9.5 pH water. It took a few weeks, but slowly my symptoms started to disappear. I am now able to enjoy eating again. I can eat foods I haven't touched in over seven years-popcorn, raw vegetables, corn on the cob, and salad. I have returned to my normal weight and have much more energy. Recently I returned to my doctor to have a test called the C-reactive protein (CRP) test which is a marker for inflammation. After seven years of readings that were considered to be very whigh, I was told that my CRP was normal. I am so thankful to Dr. Carpenter and his staff and am thrilled that I can enjoy life again! Amy Hansen,Idaho

In September 1995, I fell from a 2nd story roof and landed on my feet. I fractured my right heel, dislocated my right foot, crushed my left heel, and destroyed both ankles. I was in recovery for over three years. I had been able to live a pretty active life until the last few years when the arthritis in my feet and ankles finally won out. I have always enjoyed the outdoor activities like hunting and going on scout hikes with my son. I had decided to give that all up. Also, four years ago, I was living in Arizona and was bitten by a tick and showed all of the symptoms of Lyme's Disease. My doctor ordered the test and it came back negative but he felt I still had the disease since the test is only accurate about 54% of the time. The swelling in my joints would come and go but the feeling of fatigue was constant. As of September of 2006 I was 43 years old and feeling more like 83. I kept thinking that I was too young for life to be over, but doing anything more than just getting through the day was very challenging. In the Spring of 2007, I was introduced to Kangen Water. My wife and I both began drinking it. Within two months, I noticed that the pain in my feet was diminishing and the range of motion in my ankles was increasing. I also noticed an increase in my energy. My neighbor called and asked me to help him put new shingles on his house. I decided to
just deal with the pain and do my good deed. I was thrilled to discover that I could walk around on that uneven surface and work for two straight days with no pain or stiffness.

Not long after that, I went hunting with my family and spent the entire day hiking with no negative effects! I was so happy. My energy levels have returned and I am back to keeping a very busy, full day, every day. My wife was glad to have me back too! As long as I drink my Kangen Water consistently, I have no pain or stiffness in my feet and ankles.

I have a 14 year old daughter who is a junior high cheerleader. She cannot stand zits. A few months ago, she came to me complaining about one of those huge, red zits that won't head out or pop. She wanted to know what to do to get rid of it. I told her to take some of the strong alkaline Kangen Water on a wash cloth and hold it over the zit for about one minute and let it air dry-then take some of the strong acid water on a different wash cloth and hold it on the zit for another minute and let it air dry. We were curious to see what would happen. In less than five minutes, she came bounding down the stairs
screaming, "It's gone! The zit is gone!" That big, nasty zit had literally been dissolved. She now uses this protocol every time she has zits or other similar skin blemishes and has wonderful results. Ken Carrol, Idaho

For 13 years I suffered from a chronic ear infection that required seven ear operations. The last was just 11 months ago. The result of the most resent operation was the same. After the "healing process" with two months down time and much pain, the infection came back just as it always did. The doctor put me back on many strong antibiotics. I was told I was auto immune and that I would just have to learn to live with it and have regular operations to clean out the ever-increasing infection (puss and blood literally running out my ear, down my neck or all over my pillow at night.) Besides the pain, the depression because of my condition was always present.

After two weeks of drinking Kangen Water my ear healed completely. I received a clean bill of health from my doctor. I am so thankful for Kangen Water. I feel great! I am out of prison! The motto "Change Your Water, Change Your Life" is true. Kangen Water has given me my life back and a wonderful life it is indeed! Kate Riegler, California

I developed a rash on my legs that eventually caused open, weeping sores. I tried everything for over a year but could not get rid of it. Literally within 3 days of drinking Kangen Water the swelling and the infection was gone and my legs began to heal. Two weeks after I started drinking the water, my grandson was born. I had never been able to stay overnight at my son's home because they have cats and I had allergies. But I stayed there for 2 nights and never even had a sniffle. Since then I have been around many other animals without a problem at all. I also lost over 20 pounds-just drinking the Kangen Water-and I have been able to keep it off. I did nothing else; just the water. Sherry Keisling,Texas

I am a 25-year survivor of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I was diagnosed at the age of 19 and was given some pretty intense chemotherapy treatments that are offered in very different ways today. For about 20 years I did okay, but then things went downhill rapidly. My doctors discovered I had cardiomyopathy-a result of one of the chemo drugs I had been given. I also had severely fibrosed veins in my chest. Recently, I developed peripheral neuropathy which was debilitating-I had to take 6 hydrocodone pills to get through the day. Then in March 2006 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of my previous history, the problems I had, and the lifetime's dose of chemotherapy I'd had, both chemo and radiation were out of the question. I was at this critical point in my life when my brother gave me a Kangen Water ionizer. I began the process slowly but after several months, the chronic chest pains I had had for years subsided. I have more energy and am able to do things again without resting every few minutes. My skin and hair both improved and my whole outlook on life has changed. Something about saying "yes" to the water has allowed me to say "yes" to a number of other things in terms of manifesting the positive in my life. Everything has changed.

But my story has another part. My son was born in 1999 with an extremely rare lymphatic malformation that causes fluid to fill his chest and abdomen. It was difficult for him to oxygenate his blood. In order to get enough oxygen, his body stole glutamine from his brain and muscles to alkalize his blood. As a first grade student, he really struggled in school. Prior to drinking the Kangen Water he needed one-on-one adult help in math, writing, and reading. He began drinking the water during a 1 week vacation from school and when he returned, he no longer needed help at all. And the first writing assignment he came home with was a miracle. It was legible, punctuated, capitalized-a complete shift from what he was previously capable of producing. His teachers were amazed at this seemingly overnight shift and he ended the year as a top student in math.
The Kangen Water has given him the ability to think, play, and put on weight-and to catch up with milestones he missed in the years prior to school. Obviously, the water has made a big difference in our family. Katrina Crie,Maine

On a very, very early morning in January of 2006, I woke up out of a sound sleep with extreme vertigo. It was so severe I thought I was having a stroke. I'd never experienced anything like it. Fortunately, I wasn't. But after three months of being on medication and still experiencing residual symptoms of that day, my internal medicine doctor sent me to a specialist in gastroenterology. I was diagnosed with "viral gastro paresis," a digestive disturbance brought about by a virus attacking my digestive system. I finally had a name for what had been making me feel miserable for months. That was the good news. But
after a total of five months, I'd have one good day and the next I'd feel lousy. It was then that I asked the doctor how long it would take to get over this condition. Then came the bad news. He said it could take two to three years for the virus to get out of my system.

Soon after being given that prognosis, I was at a friend's house and she had just installed a SD501 Kangen Water machine. What she told me about the water and alkalinity made sense and I ordered my own machine and began drinking one to two ounces of 9.5 Kangen Water for every pound of my body weight everyday. When I was in the sixth week of drinking the water, I found myself feeling like my old self. That was in August of 2006-eight months after that first attack and six weeks after starting on "the water."

At that point, since I was finally feeling normal again, I decided to stop my medication for a week to see what would happen. But I continued drinking Kangen Water.It is now two years later and I've never been back on medication. I traded two years of potential suffering for six weeks of drinking water...Kangen Water. It balanced my system and gave me total relief. LouAnn Savage,California

Twenty-four years ago, while visiting a high-elevation resort, I spent several hours visiting a friend while my exposed back baked by the hot sun. The sunburn that resulted was severe enough to cause nerve damage to my back. The upper right part of my back has been numb ever since-like having an ongoing novacaine shot above my shoulder blade.

Two months after my husband and I started drinking Kangen Water, I noticed that my back began to tingle and I found myself trying to relieve the newfound "itch". Soon I became aware that I could actually feel the water when I showered. Little by little, the numbness that had bothered me for more than two decades diminished. Today it is completely gone.

Additionally, since my husband and I began to drink Kangen Water we've both lost excess weight and we enjoy increased stamina and energy in every aspect of our lives. We sleep better, we have no desire to drink soda or other harmful drinks, and even my dentist commented on how white my teeth are.

Aside from the way Kangen Water has improved our bodies, we haven't had to buy or use any cleaning products for our home. The strong Kangen Water has proven to be the best "cleanser" we have ever used, and the strong acidic water, with its ability to kill virtually any bacteria, has kept our home and food safe.

Fourteen months after purchasing our Enagic machine, we know that this is the best investment we have ever made for our health and quality of life. Everyone should have one of these machines. Laurie Boyd,Florida

Four months ago one of our cats (Amber) became ill. She couldn't hold anything down,she developed severe diarrhea and she was lethargic. When we took her to the vet they told us that Amber was so ill that unless she had a number of tests and several
medications, she would die very soon. We decided to get one medication and take her home. We had had our Kangen Water ionizer for about a month and were reading about how the water helped animals. We decided to give her the water. Within a few days, she began to perk up. Today, she is just fine. The amazing thing is that our cats never drank much water. We would fill up the bowl at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day the bowl was still full. Now both our cats drink water and the bowl is nearly empty at the end of the day. That tells you something about an animal's sense of what's good for them. We're convinced that it saved Amber's life. Lamonte Pleasant,California

I have diabetes caused by Agent Orange in VietNam. Over the last 8-10 years I've tried just about everything. I had severe pain in my knees and back, and my feet burned. The first thing I noticed after I began drinking Kangen Water was that the burning was going out of my feet and I had more energy. I had bumps on the bottom of my feet and no one knew what they were. These began to disappear. I overdid it in the beginning and jumped to 9.5 pH water too fast. It literally made me sick for 4 days. So, I went back to 8.5 pH water for about a month-then up to 9.0 for 2 weeks and now I'm drinking 9.5 pH water. I drink between a gallon and 1.5 gallons every day. I hardly have any back pain any more-I can bend over and touch the floor. My knee pain is 50-80% less. Last week I had a doctor's appointment. All my numbers were good including blood pressure down from 160-170 over 85 to 125 over 62 and I had lost 14 pounds since my last visit. My doctor couldn't believe that all I was doing differently was drinking Kangen Water, but he couldn't deny that I had made great progress. The thing I love the most is that my sense of well being has returned and my level of energy is back. I'm feeling better every day. I feel like the Kangen Water has given me my life back and I'm grateful to the person who introduced me to it. Michael Holliday, Montana

I have had seasonal Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for most of my adult life. During the winter I used to be so tired and lethargic that I would literally hibernate and sleep 12 hours a day. At one time in my life I actually slept for 3 straight days. This past winter I purchased a Leveluk water ionizer and began to drink the water in November. The water gave me enough energy that I only needed 8 hours of sleep at night throughout the winter. The difference was astounding. The other thing that happened was that I was able to quit drinking diet soda. I had been in the habit of drinking about a gallon of soda every day for the last five years. But the day that I got my machine I never had another. It wasn't even hard. The water is smooth and tastes wonderful. Interestingly, when I got to the end of my first week without a soda, I was going to reward myself for being so good. But the first sip of soda I had was awful. I couldn't even drink it. Now I'm hooked on something that is actually good for me. Debra Griffith,Florida

What makes Enagic ionizers different?

Electrode composition, plate size, and surface area

Platinum is universally accepted as the best material for water electrolysis because it is non-reactive and because it is an excellent conductor. However, due to its expense, (The price of platinum in 2008 was as high as $2,240.00/ounce. http://www.kitco.com/) platinum-coated titanium is the industry standard for water electrolysis. Titanium is a dense, durable metal, but it is also very reactive and should not be directly exposed to water during electrolysis. While some manufacturers use stainless steel or other alloys, the most reputable companies use titanium and platinum. All Enagic ionizers use platinum-
coated, titanium electrodes.

The plates of an ionizer are like the engine of a car. They are directly responsible for the quality of the resulting water. Just as the size and the number of cylinders determine the efficiency of an engine, electrode plate size and surface area determine the effectiveness and the efficiency of a water ionizer. These factors directly influence the amount of water that can be ionized-on a day to day basis and over the life of the ionizer. They also influence the degree to which the water is ionized-reflected in the pH and the ORP of
the resulting water.

Some manufacturers use mesh plates to increase the surface area. (By adding texture, the actual surface area is increased.) Mesh plates can improve overall efficiency but they have several drawbacks. Mesh plates tend to break down due to expansion and contraction caused by the heat of electrolysis. Cracks expose titanium to the water and require more frequent replacement and repair. Mesh plates also collect hard water deposits and require more frequent cleaning. In areas with hard water (most of the country) an ionizer with mesh plates will have a much shorter life span. Some manufacturers even void their warranty when hard water is used. Most manufacturers of ionizers now use flat plates. It is the number and the size of these plates that is important.

Enagic's Leveluk SD501 has the greatest number of plates, the greatest plate size, and the greatest total surface area of any ionizer on the market today. The Leveluk SD501 has 110 more inches of total surface area than the closest competitor. The size and total surface area of other ionizer plates have been compared to a credit card next to the Jewel case-size of the Leveluk SD501. Since the plates are the most expensive single component of a water ionizer, this accounts for a significant portion of the price difference between Enagic ionizers and other ionizers on the market.

Power output

Power output (wattage), is the next most important factor in the electrolysis process. A higher wattage machine is more effective in the same way that a higher wattage light bulb produces more light. The UL approved, Leveluk SD501 uses 230 watts of power. Other machines on the market use between 80 and 200 watts of power. This means that the Leveluk SD501 can sustain a greater water output. It can also support increased ionization of the resulting water. (Increased ionization = greater negative ORP = more free electrons in the alkaline water = greater potential for the neutralization of free
radicals in your body.)

Transformer vs. SMPS

There are two basic types of power regulators used in the ionizer industry today- transformer and switched mode power supply (SMPS). A transformer is the most stable, effective, and time tested form of electrical regulator. The biggest concern with transformers is overheating during constant or prolonged use. SMPS systems were devised to overcome the overheating problem. They maintain voltage levels according to the machine's demand by using "pulsed" power rather than continual voltage. This takes care of the possibility of overheating. Some manufacturers have chosen to use SMPS systems even though they do not supply the power output of a transformer. Other manufacturers have chosen to include circuit breakers with transformer-powered machines to shut off the machine during overheating. Enagic ionizers are precision engineered and built to last. They are transformer-powered and do not require circuit breakers because they simply do not overheat-even with intense usage. (I consistently produce between 300 and 500 gallons of water every day for my clinic and my machine has never overheated.)

Water output

Another factor that can influence ionization is the duration of time the water is exposed to the electric field in the electrolysis chamber. The longer the water is exposed, the greater the changes that will occur. If water moves slowly through the chamber, significant changes in ORP and pH will result even if the machine only has small plates. Some manufacturers incorporate flow regulators to compensate for small plates and inferior design. This shows up as reduced water output.

The Leveluk SD501 ionizer has a water output rate as high as 7.6 liters per minute-just over 2 gallons/minute. This is two or three times the water output of other ionizers and indicates the power of the unit. Even at flow rates this fast, the Leveluk SD501is still capable of producing the best ORP output in the industry. It can produce an ORP of -850 mV. Water flow can also be adjusted by the consumer to accommodate a variety of water pressures in many different areas of the country.

Filter life

Enagic's standard filter will filter 11,000 liters of water before needing to be replaced. It will last between 9 and 12 months depending on use. No other ionizer on the market claims a longer filter life.

Warranty and lifespan

One of the reasons the life of Enagic ionizers is so extensive is because they are equipped with self-cleaning capacity. A patented cleaning cartridge is intended to be used every 46 months to flush the system. With proper care, Enagic ionizers are built to last a lifetime. Each one is completely assembled by a single technician from start to finish. When necessary, parts can be easily be replaced or repaired in facilities located in the U.S. and around the world. The Leveluk SD501 is also backed by a 5 year parts and labor warranty-the longest warranty available in the market today.

All things considered, Enagic's Leveluk SD501 is a sound investment. The highest wattage and plate surface area, the highest water and ORP output, and the 5-year parts and labor warranty make it truly the Gold Standard for water ionizers.

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